CrossAdd 1.0ß for Windows

Some time ago I mentioned it on Facebook: I've found and "rebuilt" the very first version of CrossAdd for Windows, written back in 1996 for Windows 3.11 and based on verbal description made by a friend about INCO, a logic game for calculators HP 28C/S.

In this guise CrossAdd is a game halfway between Sudoku and Minesweeper that can stimulate your mathematical side.

The purpose is simple: return the value of all the cells to 9. Clicking on a cell the values of its column and its row increases by 1. The different levels of difficulty provide a different number of cells and a different number of shuffle.

The game works on all versions of Windows and is freely downloadable from my website or directly by clicking the icon below.

Download CrossAdd for Windows

There is no need to install the game: simply unzip the package and click CROSSADD.EXE to start the game.
The game features a convenient on-line help.

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