Quick Dice Roller 2.1.0

The new version of Quick Dice Roller, the flexible, complete and handy dice roller, has just been released.

You can get the latest version of Quick Dice Roller on the Google Play store.

New features

As requested by many users, from Quick Dice Roller version 2.1.0 you can choose any image to use as icon for dice, dice bags and named values.
I suggest to use square images with transparent background (like png images), but you can choose any standard image. Here an example ready to be used by FATE / Fudge players:

You can also set any image as custom background. You can enable the custom background and select any image of your choice via app settings.
For best results try an image with low contrast, and remember to change theme (Light or Dark) if texts are not clearly readable.

You can enable the speech synthesis to get the last result to be read aloud. The voice and the language of the spech synthesis is the default for the system. Try to disable roll sounds to get a clearer speech.


Two new function where added to support the Aeon IV system (aeon) and the Rolemaster system (rolemaster).
The pool function was greatly improved by adding some optional parameters.
The online reference switched from a set of static page to a small wiki:

Other news

Google Code, the platform where I stored all the source code of Quick Dice Roller, is about to shut down.
I had no choice but to migrate to another service, so from now on you can find the updated Quick Dice Roller repository on GitHub.

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