Quick Dice Roller 2.1.3

Almost a year is passed from the last official update, but at last the new version of Quick Dice Roller is finally available!

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New features

By popular demand were introduced Percentage Modifiers, that allow to add or subtract a percentage of last roll. In example, a modifier of +50% applied to a roll of 13 become a +6 (for a total of 19). As usual a truncation of decimal values is applied before displaying the value. Internally the modifier is treated as a +6.5

Speaking of modifiers, it is now possible to add Named Values to modifier bar. This way a Named Values can be quickly added to the last roll, and by a long press it is possible to access to it's context menu to see details or change it's current value.


There are many improvements, but much of them are not visible.

It is now easy to fine tune a Named Value: in addition to the slider there are fine tuning buttons.

The random number generator was greatly improved by using the xoroshiro128+ algorithm, that is the state of the art in this field.

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