Let's go with functions

I'm about to develop functions for Quick Dice. I plan to use functions to resolve a series of complex rolls involving choices or success count.
Sadly I don't know all the RPG systems so this will be a long way to go. I'll try to implement functions as simple and as generic as I can, but things like the Storitelling/Storyteller System are things to be worryed about (expecially in their variations like the one in Exalted - how can a human being rolls 75 dice for a single test?).

These are the functions I plan to develop:

Open Rolls
openup(roll, tolerance)
Sum the result of the roll as long as the roll is equal to its maximum value (taking tolerance in account)
open(roll, tolerance)
Pretty like openup, but also subtract the result of the roll as long as the roll is equal to its minimum value (taking tolerance in account)

Best Subset
sumbest(roll, times, best)
Evaluates roll for times times and return the sum of only the best results.

Best of two rolls
max(roll1, roll2)
Evaluates roll1 and roll2, and return the best of the two. This can be used to set a minimum value for a roll (i.e. 1d6-2, min 1 is expressed as max(1d6-2, 1))

Worst of two rolls
min(roll1, roll2)
Like max, but work in the opposite way.

Storytelling/Storyteller system
ww(roll, times, target, options)
Evaluates roll for times times and count when the outcome is equal or greater than target. Options is used to take in account all the damn 10 again, chance rolls and so on. Any extensive description of all these options is more than welcome.

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