Expression Builder

Finally the Expression Builder is born.
Now it is possible to write down any dice combination without any knowledge on expression syntax, simply selecting the type of operation desired and filling up required informations.
Without further ado I'm going to illustrate a specific case to demonstrate the usefulness of the expression builder.

Suppose you want to create a die to make a test with the Shadowrun System. More in detail a test in which five dice (obviously six-sided) are rolled against a difficulty of five.
The first step is to open the menu and select Add Dice. Since Shadowrun System is a Dice Pool based system, let's select the function Dice Pool by clicking the Wizard Button near the Formula text field.

A dialog will appear, asking for the three parameters needed by the Dice Pool function.

As described in the online reference, the first parameter is the dice to roll, the second is the number of roll to perform and the third the difficulty.
Now, the Shadowrun System is based on six-sided dice, but since a natural six allow to roll another die and add its result to the previous, we need an exploding dice. So we click the Wizard Button near to the Roll text field and select Exploding Upward (simple).

A new dialog will appear, this time asking for the only parameter needed by the Exploding Upward (simple) function.

The parameter required is the roll to explode. It's either possible to type "1d6" or access once again the Wizard Button and select Dice Builder. A new dialog will allow to create the dice to roll.

The Exploding Upward (simple) dialog is now complete and it's possible to confirm our choice.

We are now back at the Pool dialog, with the first parameter filled by the previous dialog with the value expup(1d6).

The other two parameters are much simplier to fill since they are constant values. Pool Size is the number of dice to roll, so we type 5 in it. Target is the difficulty, another constant, we type 5 in it, too.

The expression is complete. We fill up the die Name and Description, and select an appropriate icon to complete the creation process.

Once confirmed, the new die (we called it SR 5-5) is ready to be rolled.

Each time the new dice is touched, a Shadowrun test of 5 dice against a difficulty of 5 is performed. Obviously we can create as many dice as we need in order to fulfill any game request, so we don't need to create a new die every time.

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