Minor Update

A minor update (1.3.1) has just been released to fix a couple of annoying bugs:

  • A force close happen on Exploding Rolls when a potential loop is detected
  • A force close happen randomly when the app is started or brought to foreground

In the first case when a loop is detected a warning message will appear. By its definition, the "Exploding Dice" allow to roll and add another die when the first is above a certain threshold. If this threshold is greater or equal to all the values, a loop can occour.
For example, ExplodeUp(1d20, 5) will re-roll all values of 16 - 20 (that is the five higher values). Putting 20 as threshold, all the values (1- 20) will be re-rolled, leading to an infinite loop.

The second error, as I said, happen pretty randomly and I'm not able to analyze its cause. So I'm not sure if it's definitively fixed.

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