Quick Dice Roller 1.3.0

It's been a long time by the announcement of the development of the new release, but finally Quick Dice Roller (formerly Quick Dice) version 1.3.0 is available.
This version brings a lot of new features, although not all those announced:
  • Application's name changed to Quick Dice Roller
  • Popup showing roll animation and result increase in size on larger screens, so to maintain readability even on larger tablets
  • Dice and modifiers organized in customizable dice bags
  • Improved random number algorithm
  • Background image can be disabled to improve performance
  • Data stored on the cloud via Android Backup Service (where available)
  • Spanish translation (thanks to Stefania M.)
  • Fixed bug on some expression
  • Various small improvements
In regard of the developments announced but not implemented, the automatic saving of results will be implemented in a future version and new functions will be implemented on user request.
The custom backgrounds and icons probably will be never implemented since are of little or no use compared to the effort required for the implementation (gold planting).

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