Quick Dice Roller 1.4.3 and some news

Version 1.4.3 of Quick Dice Roller is now available for download on the Play Store.

This release contains mainly changes to the interface to ease the user experience, such as:
  • move dice to any position in the dice bag and even through different dice bags
  • clone dice and dice bags
  • swipe right to left to delete a result from the list
  • restore deleted results
  • delete all results without confirmation, and ability to restore them
  • link roll results on demand
as well as the usual minor bug fix (thanks to everyone who promptly reported errors) and the new function "abs" for extracting the absolute value.

Get the latest version of Quick Dice Roller on Google Play:

Open Source Project

From now on Quick Dice Roller become an open source project hosted on google.code platform. The project home is located at https://code.google.com/p/quick-dice-roller/ and contains all code and resources needed to build and run Quick Dice Roller.
I hope to intrigue some skilled developer so to get some help.


Without external help I can no longer mantain all the supported language except for English, Italian and French. And even the English translation should be fixed, because as you can read my english is all but perfect.
I hope that opening the source of the app will be of help from this point of view. The help of anyone is welcome.

Community and Beta Testing

A google+ community has been created to keep in touch with users about how to use the app, issues and suggestions.
All members of the community can join the beta test program in order to receive updates of the unofficial versions of the app.
You can join the community at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103741122374648637652

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